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Do It Yourself website design software fully browser driven

  • IsiteX -- Low Cost Custom Code
  • IsiteX -- Easy to use design software
  • IsiteX -- Fast Easy Secure and millions of colours

Website development can be a daunting task and very expensive, but what if you just need a  website to display your product or service and you don't have thousands of dollars?

YOU CAN Easily Create your own Instant website that is phone and tablet friendly which is now a requirement of Google.

Our code makes your website with all the necessary pages and any other pages you need quickly and easily without having to learn how to code. It is fully database driven allowing you to make instant changes to the content and colours.

  • Millions of color combinations
  • Fast and Easy install
  • High Security admin area
  • Built in mini wordprocessor
  • Unlimited pages
  • Upload images for your pages
  • Upload background images for panels and pages
  • a ton of extra features

Some would say why not use Wordpress?

Every second of everyday some hacker try to gain access to a wordpress site. Every minute they succeed. It doesn’t matter how secure you think you have made it, they will find a way in.

Do Not be a victim.


Our security on our program makes sure that the only one that can access the admin area is you.


It is quick and simple with very few requirements.

A domain name you already own.

A server that has Mysql and PHP and Ftp capable.


It is as easy as copying 2 files to your website and then in your browser run the install routine.

The full admin Menu allows you to set colours, add images and content to the pages as well as making changes at anytime.









 If you need other solutions like ecommerce , blog or other more complicated web solutions, come on over to
Independent Technical 

a simpler version is available at


State of the art high level of security to stop hackers from being able to access your admin area.

Device recognition  Or  regular login that  allows only you to access the admin area. A combination can also be used.


Easy Install


Installs in less than 5 minutes and that means your website is live much faster. Average time is about an hour to add your content and images. AS well there is no added advertising just your content.

Low Cost


Current Special Pricing makes this affordable for everyone.


For a high quality , secure website that you control all aspects of.

  • 3 Themes
  • Millions of colours
  • Easy Changes to content
  • and MORE

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